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Business Card/Gift Card Envelopes

Dictionary Page Mini Envelopes

Dictionary Page Mini Envelopes

These 20 fabulously petite dictionary page envelopes are full of character – and can be filled with many different things!:

-business cards
-gift cards
-thank you note
-love note

Dictionary Page Mini Envelopes

Dictionary Page Mini Envelopes

Hand cut and scored from 1960s dictionary pages, these envelopes are created from an envelope template constructed by yours truly. The hand punched cheery yellow and red flower accents the vintage print nicely – wonderful contrast of vintage and modern, old and new.

You can find them here!

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Vintage Set of Cards {photos from a custom order}

I enthusiastically received a custom order for a set of 5 vintage inspired cards.  The following recipe yielded a set of fabulous cards:

  • a dash of gold ink
  • 6 teaspoons of type writer key stickers
  • 2 vintage image stamps
  • pages from a 50+ year old book
  • 4 cups of creativity
  • 1 cup of letters from vintage flash cards (macron included!)
  • a dash of inspiration
  • handful of textured scrapbook paper
  • a pinch of purple and light brown brads

Yield: 5 fabulous vintage inspired cards

The recipient of these lovely cards: “So, I went to my mailbox today, and I found a lovely little package waiting for me. Oh, Sarah, they are beautiful. Thank you so much. I especially love the type writer one!”

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Old Books, New Creations

A friend pointed out this book -a very old book – and she said, “Ohh, you could use this with your cards.” Aha! What a snazzy idea, Kayla!

I asked my husband later (after cutting out a few pages), “How old do you think this book is? There’s no copyright.” He said, “Well, because of who the authors are, I would guess about the 1940s or 1950s.”

With a few pages of different types of paper, 4 cups of inspiration, a teaspoon of adhesive squares, and a dash of creativity….voila!


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The Losing Game of Alphabet Stickers

Keeping up with sticker or chip board alphabet letters can be a losing game. The letter “e” seems to always be used up first followed by a few other popular vowels as well as Wheel of Fortune’s “RSTLNE.” The letters “u” and “x” and other less commonly used characters remain wondering if they’ll have a future. And I’m left wondering, “Hmmm, I need to come up with a catchy word for these obscure letters” as if I were playing in a Scrabble tournament.

I came across flash cards from the 1950s or 1960s. These flash cards’ original use was to improve 1st grade vocabulary and spelling…but now they’re improving my vocabulary and spelling:

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