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Let’s Celebrate Spring! :-)

Girlishly Pink Flower Tags

Girlishly Pink Flower Tags

Width: 2 inches, height: 4 3/4 inches.

These girlishly pink tags (set of four) are hand cut from textured paper and display a delightfully detailed paper sticker. The tags’ pink paper has been slightly lightened around the edges to provide further depth and texture. The scalloped bottoms of the cute tags has been accented with small dots of soft green paint to emulate lace. A darling pink ribbon has been attached to each tag. This pink ribbon is long enough to tie onto gift wrapping. The back of the tag is blank, just waiting for you to personalize.

Girlishly Pink Tags

Girlishly Pink Flower Tags

These tags’ size and shape may provide another use after the recipient has received her special gift and girlishly pink tag….a bookmark!

Find them here!

Girlishly Pink Flower Tags

Girlishly Pink Flower Tags

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Welcome to My Studio!

If I could handpick items from Etsy to customize my crafty studio… it would look something like this….. Bright, bold, colorful, unique, happy!

Check out this link to see the entire treasury! 🙂


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Let’s Go To The Garden!

Let’s Go To The Garden!

Let's Go To The Garden!

Let's Go To The Garden!

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Bumble Beeeeees!

Here is a brand new treasury made by yours truly. 🙂


for full size:



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3 Nifty Ideas from 1 Card

This card reminds me of my college days years ago when I gave my family this unique Christmas card.

I remember walking 2 miles to downtown Oak Park in the bitter cold to purchase card making supplies. {On a college budget where each credit hour was about $300 each, spending moola on card making supplies  and a Starbucks on the way was perhaps not wise.  However, my rationalization was that if I work hard (I juggled multiple jobs, carried 15+ credit hours per semester and later graduated magna cum laude), then I should play hard.} On my way downtown, I stopped by a Starbucks to warm my hands and satisfy my yearning for quality espresso and vanilla.  Finally arriving at my beloved Paper Source, I was once again amazed at the store front. The employees at this special store always put together fabulous window displays. Their talent for manipulating paper into something majestic never ceased to amaze me.  After some browsing and dawdling,  I picked up some spiffy blank note cards, envelopes and classy paper. There was a spring in my step as I wallowed through the snow and neighborhoods back to my dormitory. Sitting on the floor in my dorm room amid scattered piles of colorful paper,  I combined my new Paper Source finds, a piece of mulch and paint chips leftover from a resident assistant project.

There are a few nifty ideas that can be gathered from this one card:

Paint chips. These are usually free at your local hardware store (or wherever paint is sold).  The tree was made by using paint chips and I’m thinking about using paint chips in a triangle form {as illustrated in this card} but turning it upside down to be an ice cream cone. Hmm…a monochromatic cone and pink ice cream…little paper dots for sprinkles! Aha! There’s a new card series idea! Anywho…sorry for the tangent…. What was I talking about? Oh yeah…coordinate…

Coordinate the front page’s background to the inside space. The yellow and white polka dot paper was carried from the front page as the focal point’s backdrop into the inside of the card behind the personalized note. This personalization adds just a bit more extra oomph to the card’s personality.

Use the real thing. The trunk for the Christmas tree was found in the landscaping at my college. Just a perfect sized piece of mulch. Glue to attach. Pretty easy!

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Piecing Together Different Mediums

Finally acquiring a desk for my sewing machine has opened a door to a facet of card making that produces truly unique cards. Along with the sewing machine’s threads, I’m also beginning to combine different shapes, textured papers and ribbon – all on the same card.  Sound like too much? Naww, it is actually quite a neat design..busy, holds visual interest and detail. Here are a couple samples:

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