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Let’s Celebrate Spring! :-)

Girlishly Pink Flower Tags

Girlishly Pink Flower Tags

Width: 2 inches, height: 4 3/4 inches.

These girlishly pink tags (set of four) are hand cut from textured paper and display a delightfully detailed paper sticker. The tags’ pink paper has been slightly lightened around the edges to provide further depth and texture. The scalloped bottoms of the cute tags has been accented with small dots of soft green paint to emulate lace. A darling pink ribbon has been attached to each tag. This pink ribbon is long enough to tie onto gift wrapping. The back of the tag is blank, just waiting for you to personalize.

Girlishly Pink Tags

Girlishly Pink Flower Tags

These tags’ size and shape may provide another use after the recipient has received her special gift and girlishly pink tag….a bookmark!

Find them here!

Girlishly Pink Flower Tags

Girlishly Pink Flower Tags

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Be My Valentine

Valentine’s Day is LESS than a month away!!

I LOVE Valentine’s Day! I love the pretty red, pink and white patterns that come out in stores for this lovely day.

Tired of the same ol’ same ol’ Valentine goodies I’ve made in the past, I decided to make something new this year.  These tags took quite a while to put together, but I truly adore how they came out! Made with a dash of inspiration, metallic paint, hand-cut from card stock, a few tablespoons of love,  soft white ribbon, a cup of creativity and a fun fonted stamp, voila!:

The description as read from my Etsy shop:

“These special Valentine tags are a set of 10 (ten). A textured card stock painted with metallic paint is the backdrop for the eye catching font “Be My Valentine.” Dainty dots edge the heart and a loosely tied white ribbon may be untied and then reattached to your gift. The back of the tag is decorated yet blank, just waiting for your personalization. These tags are great for so many Valentine gift! Whether they be for candy bags, a hostess gift, or a gift box label, these “Be My Valentine” tags can be yours today!”

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New Christmas Items Added to Etsy!

New Christmas items have been added to Etsy!

These vintage Christmas table place cards would be a beautiful accent to your Christmas setting. These place cards are folded first grade flash cards, accompanied with a patterned green and textured red paper selection. The Christmas colored papers are fastened to the flash card with two bold black metal brads.

A neat facet of these place cards is the fun that can be had with the words on the inside of the place cards. If your family/friend Christmas meals are like mine and lively (or perhaps yours could use a conversation starter), these place cards are perfect! Coming from a game-loving family, a game we would play with these cards would be as follows: tell a story; each person would say their own sentence (using their place card’s word), and every person around the table would build on the story. I’m sure interesting words like “sneezed” and “froze” would make your Christmas meal even more memorable! As you can see from the pictures, these 40+ year old cards have been well-loved and they will continue to be useful and loved with a new life at your table setting this Christmas.

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Christmas Tag Teaser

Hello, blog followers!

I’ll be oot and aboot for the weekend, but I thought I’d give y’all a peek of what’s to come for the Christmas season…take a look!

Santa & the Gang!

Giving any Christmas goodies this year?

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In Case You’ve Noticed…

As you may have noticed on my Etsy shop {PiecefulJoy.etsy.com}, there have been some price changes. As a seller, there are fees for etsy.com, paypal, the cost of shipping materials and then mailing the item itself.  PiecefulJoy’s prices are competitive compared to many other Etsy sellers. I am going the extra mile and making sure that these quality little masterpieces are carefully shipped in cushiony bubble envelopes.  If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me.

On another note, I posted some adorable “Chipper Chirpie Birdie” tags on Etsy. No later than a few hours after posting these cuties, all four of them found an excited owner!


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