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Some People Have Wondered…

…”Why is it that many hand-crafted items cost more than the cards in the card aisle at the store?”

Making cards by hand is a process: percolating ideas, deciding on a theme, driving to and from the store to purchase the items (paper, embellishments, adhesives, blank notecards, etc), “drafting” the card (putting it together before adhering the pieces), then piecing together the card’s elements (sometimes the theme/idea changes in this stage), measuring, cutting, gluing, final touches (brads, glitter, etc) then signing the back of the masterpiece. And then if the artist is going to sell the masterpieces on Etsy, there’s setting up to take photos, taking the photos, editing the photos, posting the photos on Etsy, writing the description, posting the item, publicizing, then selling the item, packaging it and shipping it…then balancing the checkbook. Whew!

Here is a series of photos taken when I was working on some “Thanks” cards for this wonderful Thanksgiving season. Some of the work was already done before I took these pictures (i.e. the measuring, cutting and adhering of the background papers) but take a look at this process for 6 cards:

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In Case You’ve Noticed…

As you may have noticed on my Etsy shop {PiecefulJoy.etsy.com}, there have been some price changes. As a seller, there are fees for etsy.com, paypal, the cost of shipping materials and then mailing the item itself.  PiecefulJoy’s prices are competitive compared to many other Etsy sellers. I am going the extra mile and making sure that these quality little masterpieces are carefully shipped in cushiony bubble envelopes.  If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me.

On another note, I posted some adorable “Chipper Chirpie Birdie” tags on Etsy. No later than a few hours after posting these cuties, all four of them found an excited owner!


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