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Photographing Items for Etsy

Dear lovely fellow Etsy sellers and Etsy lovers,

Some of you may or may not be aware that a lot of effort goes into creating an item and then selling it on Etsy:

Pricing (don’t forget the cost of supplies, time spent to create the item, paypal fees, Etsy fees), title, description, tags, photography, and marketing. When an item is sold, creatively package the item, address the package, drive to the post office and send off the special item. Don’t forget to balance the checkbook!

Whew! Long process as you can see, but it’s great being part of a crafty community such as Etsy and sharing my work with others.

This particular blog post is to tackle a certain woe of selling items on Etsy – great photos. Taking fabbity-fab fabulous photos for an Etsy shop is extremely important.  {I touched on this topic a bit here.} What is an important factor to having amazing photos? Proper lighting.

I’ve tried to take photos of my items  next to a desk lamp. Ehh, light too yellow. Or next to an open window full of natural light – much much better, except cloudy days were definitely not welcoming if it was a photography day. I needed something more controlled than natural light, more pure and diffused than a desk lamp. Taking photos and then trying to edit away the darkness and blurriness was getting a bit old. No joke, it would take me an hour + to set up, photograph, edit, re-photograph, edit, maybe take additional pictures, then edit them some more until I was decently content with 5 good photos (each Etsy listing has room for 5 photos). I needed a photo tent to save my sanity, time and to ward off any impending grey hairs.

You can make your own light box/photo tent, you know, for less than a few pretty pennies depending on what you have laying around your house or garage.  Take a peek at this link here. I put a photo tent on my Christmas list and was thrilled to receive one very similar to this one.  This contraption gives a crisp white background, purifies the light’s color, diffuses the light. Perfect size. Folds into a circle that fits into a bag. Perfect for an apartment and easy to transport and store (much easier to move  and less fragile than a home made photo tent – especially important for me since my hubby and I will be moving this summer). Since I now have a fabulous photo tent to take pictures of my little masterpieces, it now takes less than ten minutes to photograph and edit photos for Etsy.

Fellow Etsy sellers, that is my advice for you today: if you’re frustrated with taking pictures for your Etsy shop, look into making or purchasing a photo tent/light box. {Ahh another extra tidbit…..check out picnik.com for editing your photos. It’s fast, easy and free!}

Take a look at the following pictures and the difference between them:

Photo taken without photo tent:


Without Photo Tent

Without Photo Tent

With photo tent:


With Photo Tent

With Photo Tent

See the difference? Do you have any photography tips or hints? Please share in the comment section! 🙂


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Tips to Look @ Before Saying “Say Cheese!”

Wanting to capture the little masterpieces I’ve created this week before they sell at the craft bazaar, I did some research on taking photos of items as well as how to take photos just for Etsy.

One article I read discussed what types of cameras work best for these special photos. Jen Kiaba {check out: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Jenkiabaphotography} wrote this article: http://www.etsy.com/storque/how-to/etsy-success-the-right-camera-7355/. A point in her article discusses the quality of pictures between an $800 camera, $250 camera and $15 camera. Take a look at the article and each camera’s photo of the same necklace. Jen’s conclusion: “Check out the image comparison and see for yourself. Which camera would you choose? The Fujifilm FinePix F30 is still my favorite, but I was pretty blown away by the Nikon CoolPix L4 as well. And for $15, you really can’t go wrong!”

I found her article and other articles from Etsy very informative. Many of the points they discuss I’ve been already implementing thanks to a digital photography class in college and looking at my sister’s fantabulous photographs.

If you are striving to take better pictures of your craft pieces {or anything, really} like myself, take a look at these spiffy articles! I’m sure you’ll glean some informative suggestions:




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Blog Feature: McPeek Smith Photography

A few weeks ago I featured my sister, a great photographer, in a blog post. People are still talking about her great photos! Today I am featuring another photographer: my wedding photographer. We’ve kept in touch ever since that special wedding day in May 2008.

Nearly 3 years ago I sat down in a cozy and sweet-smelling coffee shop with Stacy, fantabulous photographer of Molto Bella Photography.  Her creativity and enthusiasm was whole-heartedly welcomed as we discussed the ins and outs of the wedding day (e.g. what time we would we do photos for the bridal party, what kind of shots I was looking forward to having framed, etc). She calmed my worries about the day’s details and shared her great ideas.  We kept in touch after that meeting, both looking forward to May 24th. Months later, during the wedding and reception, Stacy was personable yet professional. Her camera clicked and flashed, capturing many precious moments. The photos were exactly what I was looking for – not only the traditional family photos, but also the shots that caught those special moments of the day: the excitement in the flower girl’s eyes, my grandmother’s smile as she watched me put on my wedding jewelry, mother’s tears during the ceremony, hearty laughter on the dance floor, and many many other priceless moments. Please take some time and read the following. Enjoy! 🙂

A few words from Stacy:

“When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have one single bit of talent left, and could say, “I used everything you gave me” ~Erma Bombeck

“I think that quote sums it all up really…. I am blessed beyond means when it comes to this …. and I thank him each and everyday for it.

“Behind the camera I see life unfold in a way that is pure, raw and real. I have seen life from start to …. saying goodbye. I have been touched by each and every person I have bumped into along the way. Losing my dad in 2005 I fell on my knees and behind the lense… and with my camera and my praying knees my faith grew deeper each and every day. I miss my dad every day…. but because of his passing I have a faith that is unbreakable…. I have seen life begin, and life end…. and have documented it all along the way…. this ride is amazing…. and I wouldn’t change a thing. Sometimes in life folks don’t understand why God does what he does…. but behind the lens …. I have an appreciation for it all.”

{Website} www.moltobellaphotography.com/website



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Sisters’ Bond with Creativity & Each Other

{Background Info: My sister draws, paints, makes jewelry, sews and is fully embracing the world of photography. I draw, paint, interior design, occasional sewing and jewelry making.  I am currently exploring card making to a depth further than ever. Creativity runs in the fam…I consider my Grandma one of my key inspirations.}

The other day I texted Laura and said, “Okay, I need a title/username for my etsy shop and blog. It hasta be catchy but also convey what I do. Any ideas?” She pondered whilst I sent “corny” username ideas to her (she said my ideas were corny, btw).  Few minutes later she came up with (sarahphrased): “How about PiecefulJoy? You piece cards together and it brings you and others joy.”

“FANTASTIC!” I got excited. My enthusiasm increased when I discovered that the username was available at both sites.

Thus, I must give my sister credit for the name of my blog and etsy shop.

Thank you, Laura!

As mentioned before, she has a love for photography. Her photos get more and more amazing through time. Take a look:


She has a blog as well:


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