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Countless Ideas

A dear friend pointed out this nifty website:


With this site, you will never run out of card making ideas! Sometimes I get “stuck in a rut” and wonder where my creativity wandered off to. However, this site is great for inspiration,  ideas and avoiding the “rut.”

Take a look at the latest issue:


What do YOU do when creativity has seemingly wandered off and left you gasping for ideas?

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Sisters’ Bond with Creativity & Each Other

{Background Info: My sister draws, paints, makes jewelry, sews and is fully embracing the world of photography. I draw, paint, interior design, occasional sewing and jewelry making.  I am currently exploring card making to a depth further than ever. Creativity runs in the fam…I consider my Grandma one of my key inspirations.}

The other day I texted Laura and said, “Okay, I need a title/username for my etsy shop and blog. It hasta be catchy but also convey what I do. Any ideas?” She pondered whilst I sent “corny” username ideas to her (she said my ideas were corny, btw).  Few minutes later she came up with (sarahphrased): “How about PiecefulJoy? You piece cards together and it brings you and others joy.”

“FANTASTIC!” I got excited. My enthusiasm increased when I discovered that the username was available at both sites.

Thus, I must give my sister credit for the name of my blog and etsy shop.

Thank you, Laura!

As mentioned before, she has a love for photography. Her photos get more and more amazing through time. Take a look:


She has a blog as well:


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Hello world!

I have a love for card design and crafting. This blog is to shadow my journey as I explore avenues of card design and crafting, to capture the fruit of my labor and to inspire others. I find joy in making things (thanks for the inspiration, Grandma!)…I especially enjoy combining different mediums to make cards full of texture, detail and visual interest. An etsy shop is in the making….so stay tuned! In the meantime, check out my blog and explore http://www.etsy.com.

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