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Springy Table Place Cards


These vintage table place cards would be a beautiful accent to your table setting. These place cards are folded first grade flash cards, accented with a cheerful green and white flower. The brown ribbon is fastened to the flash card with a gentle hued grey metal brads.

A neat facet of these place cards is the fun that can be had with the words on the inside of the place cards. If your family/friend meals (or Holiday meals!) are like mine and lively (or perhaps yours could use a conversation starter), these place cards are perfect! Coming from a game-loving family, a game we would play with these cards would be as follows: tell a story; each person would say their own sentence (using their place card’s word), and every person around the table would build on the story. I’m sure interesting words like “microphone” and “larger” would make your meals even more memorable! As you can see from the pictures, these 40+ year old cards have been well-loved and they will continue to be useful and loved with a new life at your table setting.


Check them out here! 🙂

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Purple Embossed Flower Cards – Set of 4

I’ve entered the world of embossing – and I love it!! Take a look at these sweet purple embossed flower cards:


“Ivory card’s measurements are 5″x7”, matching envelope included.

Created during a blizzard (or also known as the United State’s February 2011 “Snowpacolypse”), this monochromatic purple flower card screams spring! The large flower is so cheerful! The embossing on this card adds a pleasant texture and visual interest – I wish I could find the perfect words to describe to you the unique texture this card possesses. Blank inside, these four (4) cards are just waiting for you to personalize them!”




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