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How to Feature a Treasury in Your Blog Using Photoshop

A common question among Etsy sellers is, “How can I insert a snap shot of a treasury into my blog??”

{First of all, a treasury is an “ever-changing, member-curated shopping gallery.”}

First Step: Open up your treasury in an internet browser window.

Second Step: Adjust the screen so that the browser shows the size of the treasury you’d like to be featured in your blog  (e.g. only 2 rows of the treasury or all 4?).

  • Mozilla: Click “View” and “zoom in” or “zoom out” to view
  • Google Chrome: Click wrench shape on upper right side of browser (I zoom at 69%)

Third Step: Once you have the treasury appearing on the screen as you’d like it to appear in your blog, push the “Print Screen/SysRq” key.

Fourth Step: Open Photoshop and click “File” and select “New” and adjust the size for your image canvas (I use 10 inches wide and 10 inches high)

Fifth Step: Click on your canvas. Push keys “Ctrl” and “V” at the same time. The screen’s image from when you pushed the “Print Screen/SysRq” key will appear on your canvas.

Sixth Step: Using the cropping tool on the left sidebar, crop the image.  When you are done cropping, go to the top horizontal bar, click “Layer” and select “Merge Visible”.

Seventh Step: Click “File” and select “Save as”. Save the new image as a JPG onto your computer.

Now you are ready to open your blog and start a fresh blog post in which you discuss and display your brand new treasury! 🙂



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Bumble Beeeeees!

Here is a brand new treasury made by yours truly. 🙂


for full size:



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Blog Feature: Kolibri Boutique

Tell us a bit about you and what led you to selling jewelry.

I am a work at home mom that loves being crafty. I have been married for almost   and have 2 children: a 4 year old girl and an almost 2 year old boy. My favorite thing to do is create! I started crafting in high school by making scrapbooks, sewing or repurposing clothes, and painting. About a year ago I took to jewelry making after reading through a scrapbooking magazine. I thought it was a craft that could not only be for me but I could share it with family. After a few months of creating jewelry, I decided that I would share it with everyone else and open an Etsy shop. Not long after that I got the chance to set up a booth at a local farmer’s market.  I try to continuously improve my craft and I am always looking for new techniques to learn.

How would you describe Kolibri Boutique’s jewelry?
I like to think the jewelry that I make is whimsical, unique and eclectic because I do a little bit of everything. I try not to make things you’d see just anywhere. There just isn’tany fun in wearing the same thing everyone else does.

Spring 2011

Spring 2011

Tell us about your beautiful Etsy shop.
I opened my shop so that I could share a hobby that I love with everyone. Some of my favorite materials to use are semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals, fresh waterpearls, wood, and copper, stainless, or brass wires. I offer free shipping on all orders no matter the size. I like to keep my pricing budget friendly and occasionally I run some pretty awesome sales!

What is your favorite piece of jewelry that you’ve created? What made it so special?

It’s hard to pin down one item that I love that I have created. I love them all. If I have to choose one I’d say that I love the Turquoise pendant that I designed for my Aunt. This necklace was one of my first custom orders.

tear drop necklace

tear drop necklace

tear drop necklace

tear drop necklace

Where do you find your inspiration?
I find inspiration a lot in music. I love listening to Indie Folk singers/bands. Some of the music I listen to the most while creating is Ray Lamontagne, Ben Harper, or Wakey Wakey. I also find inspiration in the past. Growing up my Mom and Dad would tell me I was born 30 years too late. I have grown up loving the 50-60’s eras and still do love them.
The name is so unique. Is there a story behind this pretty name?
Unfortunately there is no exciting or inspiring story to go with the name, although it did end up being whimsical and unique. Both my husband and I picked out the name for my shop. I made a small list of my favorite things: butterflies, hummingbirds, different flowers, etc. After finding out the Greek, and French spelling of each thing I had listed we went with “Kolibri”, which in French means “hummingbird.”

Visit her fabulous Etsy shop!: www.galeamanda.etsy.com

“Like” her beautiful jewelry on Facebook!: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kolibri-Boutique/102358423143455

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*Jingle Bells*Jingle Bells*

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Oh my, November is nearly over! That means Christmas is getting closer….{in fact, I plan to work on my Christmas wreath later this afternoon}.

There are many great Christmas items on Etsy. Here is  a Treasury I put together which showcases some fabulous Etsy sellers:


Here is a slide show of special items I’ve made {some of them are @ PiecefulJoy.Etsy.com}….

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Hello world!

I have a love for card design and crafting. This blog is to shadow my journey as I explore avenues of card design and crafting, to capture the fruit of my labor and to inspire others. I find joy in making things (thanks for the inspiration, Grandma!)…I especially enjoy combining different mediums to make cards full of texture, detail and visual interest. An etsy shop is in the making….so stay tuned! In the meantime, check out my blog and explore http://www.etsy.com.

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