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DIY Chalkboard

I was at a church rummage sale a few weeks ago and found this print on canvas for only a dollar.


Initially, I was going to paint the canvas white create my own multi medium mural. But then…something more functional came to mind: a chalkboard! Inspired by a friend, I went to Home Depot and picked up some spray paint primer and chalkboard paint.

First I spray painted primer. After everything was primed, I then painted the canvas with chalkboard paint. The frame got a couple layers of wall paint (durable!).

And the finished product! 🙂



There are SO many possibilities for a huuuge chalkboard!:

-Menu board for the kitchen.
-To-do list for the office.
-Calendar to keep track of the fam’s activities.
-Focal point on mantle (change quote with the seasons.)
…and many more ideas!


I decided to put the chalkboard in a bedroom. I can change the drawing or quote anytime – because it’s just chalk! 🙂


Cost of this DIY chalkboard:
Print – $1
Paint – $8


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Lovely Ladybug Cards

Lovely Ladybug Cards  {perfect for spring and summer!}

Lovely Ladybug Cards

Lovely Ladybug Cards

Cards measurements are 5 1/2″ x 4″. Matching enveloped included.

This set of bright colored cards was created on a bitterly cold December winter day. I was yearning for the colorfulness of spring and decided to create a lively spring scene on a card!

Lovely Ladybug Card

Lovely Ladybug Cards

These lovely ladybug cards are definitely in the mood for spring! The fun googly eyed ladybug is peeking out from behind hand-cut blades of bright green grass. Blue fluffy clouds are floating up above, the perfect backdrop for a purple and yellow butterfly that seems to fly off the paper. Great for any occasion, these colorful cards are blank for your special message.

You can find them here!

Lovely Ladybug Cards

Lovely Ladybug Cards

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