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Cutie Patootie Kitty Collar

On a day when I had 5 billion things on my to-do list,  inspiration hit me.

And it started at Hobby Lobby.


In the Easter section, I found this adorable animal pearl “necklace” adorned with 2 pastel pink bows. I laughed at the thought of actually buying it – but it was just $2…so I plopped it in the cart.

When I got home, I glanced at the lengthy to-do list {with the kitty necklace in hand} as I searched for my lovely 14 year old black and white cat named “Inkin.” Once I found her snoozing on the bed, I switched out her teal diamondy collar with my new ultra girly find.

And giggled. The two pink bows looked like a bit too much – and a bit tooooo girlishly girly.

I picked up Inkin, showed my husband her necklace. He laughed.  After the chuckles subsided he agreed that the two pink bows were a little much. So I took off a cheery green ribbon from a wrapped gift for a special someone {gasp} and replaced the pink bows with the modernly hued apple green bow.

{Side note: Inkin was  wearing her new accessory as I replaced the ribbons. She was chilling on the couch’s arm rest.}

Still giggling at how ridiculous it was for Inkin to have a “pearl necklace” I saw that something was missing. Another dash of color, texture, visual interest…maybe a red button {naww to Christmasy}…or a gold one! {nope..too…neutral}…how about a 4-holed vintage teal button? Yes, of course!

At this time, Inkin was still sitting on the couch’s arm rest. And she stayed there {while still wearing her necklace} as I sewed on the teal button.


{Once the button was attached, Inkin did a great job modeling her cutie patootie kitty collar. }

Moral of the story: even when the to-do list is long, don’t completely ignore a burst of inspiration.

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