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Lovely Ladybug Cards

Lovely Ladybug Cards  {perfect for spring and summer!}

Lovely Ladybug Cards

Lovely Ladybug Cards

Cards measurements are 5 1/2″ x 4″. Matching enveloped included.

This set of bright colored cards was created on a bitterly cold December winter day. I was yearning for the colorfulness of spring and decided to create a lively spring scene on a card!

Lovely Ladybug Card

Lovely Ladybug Cards

These lovely ladybug cards are definitely in the mood for spring! The fun googly eyed ladybug is peeking out from behind hand-cut blades of bright green grass. Blue fluffy clouds are floating up above, the perfect backdrop for a purple and yellow butterfly that seems to fly off the paper. Great for any occasion, these colorful cards are blank for your special message.

You can find them here!

Lovely Ladybug Cards

Lovely Ladybug Cards

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New Christmas Items Added to Etsy!

New Christmas items have been added to Etsy!

These vintage Christmas table place cards would be a beautiful accent to your Christmas setting. These place cards are folded first grade flash cards, accompanied with a patterned green and textured red paper selection. The Christmas colored papers are fastened to the flash card with two bold black metal brads.

A neat facet of these place cards is the fun that can be had with the words on the inside of the place cards. If your family/friend Christmas meals are like mine and lively (or perhaps yours could use a conversation starter), these place cards are perfect! Coming from a game-loving family, a game we would play with these cards would be as follows: tell a story; each person would say their own sentence (using their place card’s word), and every person around the table would build on the story. I’m sure interesting words like “sneezed” and “froze” would make your Christmas meal even more memorable! As you can see from the pictures, these 40+ year old cards have been well-loved and they will continue to be useful and loved with a new life at your table setting this Christmas.

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Do You Know Someone Sweet?

Do you know someone sweet? I’m sure you do! With this cute 3D cupcake card, you can share words of encouragement or affirmation with your sweetie. Check out PiecefulJoy.etsy.com for more pictures!

Delectably Darling Cupcake Card

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Brand New Pieceful Joy Slideshow!

Copy and paste this into your browser and take a look at some of my work – both past and recent.


By the way, dear readers, this card and envelope have been added to my Etsy shop! There are only three available – hurry! {PiecefulJoy.etsy.com}

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Time to Get to Work!

Earlier this afternoon I was one of many vendors at a small craft fair type event. To my delight, I sold all of my handmade cards!

“Ohh, these cards are lovely! I’m going to get my purse because I want to buy all that’s left.  Do you have anymore?”

I dug into my card making tote and was able to find 8 more cards.  It’s time for me to get to work and make some more paper goodies!

{Some of my gift tags sold, too, by the way!}

Part of my booth at the event

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Countless Ideas

A dear friend pointed out this nifty website:


With this site, you will never run out of card making ideas! Sometimes I get “stuck in a rut” and wonder where my creativity wandered off to. However, this site is great for inspiration,  ideas and avoiding the “rut.”

Take a look at the latest issue:


What do YOU do when creativity has seemingly wandered off and left you gasping for ideas?

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