Sheet Music Flowers

We recently moved into a lovely home in the Chicagoland area. The home is full of character, which I love. For one of the bedrooms’ palettes I’ve chosen dark wood/metal  statement furniture and a variety of soothing white textures (sheet music decoupaged night stand, vintage white linens,  script storage boxes, white wall shelves) . Accents of red and green are found here and there (red window panel, green throw, etc).

However, the wall above the bed needed something….something with character, a monochromatic white color….maybe 3D and movement. After a couple months of thinking, brainstorming and musing, I decided to create sheet music flowers.

Sheet Music Flowers

Sheet Music Flowers

You can make them too! All you need is paper and glue (like Elmer’s glue). These pretty flowers are very easy to create  –  not to mention quite inexpensive!:

  1. Cut long petal shapes  out of paper (sheet music, newspaper, paper bags, scrapbook paper, etc).
  2. Glue the tips together to create the flower shape (I did large petals first, let dry…I then did a smaller petal set, let dry…. Once they were both dry, I glued them together.
  3. You can attach these beauties to the wall with tape or with a pin. I chose a pin, because when a breeze flows through the window, the flowers will look as if they are floating across the wall.
Sheet Music Flower Close-up
Sheet Music Flower Close-up
Floating Sheet Music Flowers

Floating Sheet Music Flowers

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