How to Feature a Treasury in Your Blog Using Photoshop

A common question among Etsy sellers is, “How can I insert a snap shot of a treasury into my blog??”

{First of all, a treasury is an “ever-changing, member-curated shopping gallery.”}

First Step: Open up your treasury in an internet browser window.

Second Step: Adjust the screen so that the browser shows the size of the treasury you’d like to be featured in your blog  (e.g. only 2 rows of the treasury or all 4?).

  • Mozilla: Click “View” and “zoom in” or “zoom out” to view
  • Google Chrome: Click wrench shape on upper right side of browser (I zoom at 69%)

Third Step: Once you have the treasury appearing on the screen as you’d like it to appear in your blog, push the “Print Screen/SysRq” key.

Fourth Step: Open Photoshop and click “File” and select “New” and adjust the size for your image canvas (I use 10 inches wide and 10 inches high)

Fifth Step: Click on your canvas. Push keys “Ctrl” and “V” at the same time. The screen’s image from when you pushed the “Print Screen/SysRq” key will appear on your canvas.

Sixth Step: Using the cropping tool on the left sidebar, crop the image.  When you are done cropping, go to the top horizontal bar, click “Layer” and select “Merge Visible”.

Seventh Step: Click “File” and select “Save as”. Save the new image as a JPG onto your computer.

Now you are ready to open your blog and start a fresh blog post in which you discuss and display your brand new treasury! 🙂



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