Packaging for Etsy

Fellow Etsy sellers, this may be something you’ve pondered: “how can I creatively and inexpensively package an item for shipment once it’s been purchased?”

{To those who are not Etsy sellers, welcome to the inside scoop on being an Etsy seller! We strive to do our very creative best  for wonderful people just like you! }

As an Etsy seller, Etsy encourages us to package things creatively – that’s one of the big things about Etsy: creativity.

As an Etsy buyer, I would rather not pay extra for spiffy packaging {and I have heard oh so many Etsy buyers say the same thing}. I mean, I think cute packaging is adorable and all and definitely gives an “Ooolala” moment when unwrapping, but I’m on a tight budget {aren’t we all these days?} and as a buyer I would rather put that extra $2 toward something else. {Like my piggy bank for Starbucks.}

So there we have it, encouragement from Etsy to be creative when packaging our darling items  and then the desire to please the lovely customer who would rather not pay extra moola for extra cutesy packaging. What is the solution? Creativity and resourcefulness, my dear Watson!

To share a bit of my own experience with wrapping, I’ve attached some photos here:

Packaging with tissue paper:

Packaging with tissue paper, spiffy string and freebie

Packaging with tissue paper, spiffy string and freebie

{Please pardon the not so good lighting. This photo was not taken in a photo tent. Learn more about taking good pictures here.}

This card was wrapped in white tissue paper and tied with colorful string that coordinates with the card. As I tied the string, I tucked in some cutie patootie tags I had been working on. When I sent this package, Valentine’s Day was around the corner and I wanted to surprise my lovely buyer with a Valentiney item that was sweet and interesting like the blue and red “I love you” tags.  Tissue paper is light! Colorful fun string is light and pretty! This packaged item fit nicely into a cozy plastic bubble mailer envelope.

Packaging with a twist:

"enjoy" flash card

"enjoy" flash card

This is a vintage first grade flash card {50-60 years old}. The thick card stock has been scored for easy bending.

flash card packaging

flash card packaging

Using a decorative corner paper punch, this flash card now has a bit more personality. Etsy sellers: always include a thank you note and one or two business cards.

close up of flash card packaging

close up of flash card packaging

Carrying the nature feel of the card and the monochromatic browns of the packaging, I chose a simple twine string to fasten the flash card around the lovely sunflower card. A small metal eyelet adds a finishing touch of sophistication and professionalism to this packaging. This packaged set of sunflower cards fit nicely into a plastic bubble mailer envelope.

For more ideas and how-to’s on Etsy packaging, check out these spiffy links:


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2 responses to “Packaging for Etsy

  1. Jen

    When I sell on Amazon, I usually just put some curling ribbon around the book itself. However, I use plain jane mailers and bust out the crayons, markers, sharpies, whatever will work, and go to town. Fun and cheep!

    PS I adored the vintage card packing 😀

    • Crayons, markers and sharpies are so much fun to use to jazz up anything! I enjoy drawing with sharpies too – I have a thick blank paged red hard back journal that I use for drawing with my sharpies. 🙂

      PS So glad you enjoyed the packaging – I wanted to make it extra special especially since it arrived on your birthday! 🙂

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