Glamorously Gorgeous {Christmas Party Style}

To me, Christmas is much more than sending cards to loved ones {although I LOVE making cards, as you can see by my Etsy shop:}. Christmas is about the Reason for the season {stay tuned for upcoming blog post but for a preview, check out Luke 2:11} as well as spending face to face time with friends and family  {and no, I don’t mean face to face time as in facebook time. ;-)} Gathering together and celebrating Christmas during this special holiday season is where many fond memories begin.

Speaking of gathering together, many of us will be spending time with parents’ friends, significant other’s coworkers, meet the brother’s girlfriend for the first time, etc around this time of year. Will you be attending or hosting any Christmas parties in the near future?

“Whatever shall I wear?!”

No fear, dear friends! Take a peek at this Etsy treasury with me……I’m trying to decide what I shall wear for a Christmas party tomorrow night! Here’s how the thoughts run through my head (if you care to join my whirlwind of decision making): denim trousers (or classy black straight leg dress pants?) with black flats (or the black heels that have the silver accent? If I decide to wear the heels, then I’d need to wear the long denim trousers or the black dress pants) with a sleeveless silky ruffled collar blouse topped off with a drapy black cardigan (or maybe the silk light green one with mother of pearl buttons) accented with tear drop diamond necklace. I would wear the matching earrings, but I lost one of them somehow in between the trip of home and traveling to visit family (My wedding jewelry, no less. Great job, Sarah).
Anyway, please click and take a look at this fabulous collection of items gathered along the theme of a classy Christmas party. You may find some inspiration….I know I did!:

{By the way…if you fall in love with any of these items – they’re for sale by Etsy sellers! But be fast, because some of these items are one of a kind! :-)}

Black Ruffly Maxi Dress

Black Ruffly Maxi Dress

Damask Clutch

Damask Clutch

Vintage Hair Clip

Vintage Hair Clip


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