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Sisters’ Bond with Creativity & Each Other

{Background Info: My sister draws, paints, makes jewelry, sews and is fully embracing the world of photography. I draw, paint, interior design, occasional sewing and jewelry making.  I am currently exploring card making to a depth further than ever. Creativity runs in the fam…I consider my Grandma one of my key inspirations.}

The other day I texted Laura and said, “Okay, I need a title/username for my etsy shop and blog. It hasta be catchy but also convey what I do. Any ideas?” She pondered whilst I sent “corny” username ideas to her (she said my ideas were corny, btw).  Few minutes later she came up with (sarahphrased): “How about PiecefulJoy? You piece cards together and it brings you and others joy.”

“FANTASTIC!” I got excited. My enthusiasm increased when I discovered that the username was available at both sites.

Thus, I must give my sister credit for the name of my blog and etsy shop.

Thank you, Laura!

As mentioned before, she has a love for photography. Her photos get more and more amazing through time. Take a look:


She has a blog as well:


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Venturing into the Realm of 3D

After feeling that I had mastered 2D cards and looking for a new adventure, I decided to experiment with foam adhesives. So off to Hobby Lobby I went and picked up a packet of 330 foam adhesive squares for $2.99. Below you can see my first ever 3D card:

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